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Pinterest party planning

I was on Pinterest doing some digital deep cleaning the other day and came across my daughter’s birthday board. I was suddenly inspired to write this post because Pinterest has helped me to plan my wedding, baby shower and baby girl’s first birthday party. Going through these major life events […]

Going to a restaurant is a time honored dating tradition. It’s also a testing ground with a lot of pressure and decision making. You want to look your best and can spend hours fussing over your hair and outfit.💇‍♂️👔👱‍♀️👠Should the suitor choose somewhere really nice so as not to be […]

My Foodie Roadmap

If I had a sudden influx of cash, I would rent an RV and hit the road in pursuit of delicious food destinations around the US. 💸🚃🗺 I would pack up my toddler, pup and mother in law as fellow foodie companions. Buffalo bleu cheese combos and bold Chex mix will […]

Cooking show rock stars

An addiction to Top Chef ignited the initial flame for me to get in the kitchen. I would tune in every Thursday night to watch chefs from all over the US compete with one another in hopes of producing the best dish. Their food would subsequently be judged by experts […]

Ghosts of my Halloween past, present and future

Halloween past was full of mystery and excitement. Every October, I would get goosebumps upon hearing the creepy music, seeing all of the morbid decorations and watching scary movies. 🎃⚰️👻 I had nightmares for days after telling ghost stories during sleepovers with my friends.🕯📚 I trembled in suspense on the way to […]

Pizza, How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways. Who doesn’t love pizza? If you’re reading this then my guess is that you do too! Pizza and I go way back. I ate a lot of it growing up. It was always a special morning in our house when Mom would make pizza biscuits.😁 […]