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Pinning for pasta!

I’m perpetually pining for pasta on Pinterest and there is no shortage here in Argentina. They really get me. 🇦🇷🤗 I decided to do a pasta tribute in the spirit of this newfound bounty.  Disclaimer: I’m not Italian or proclaiming to be a pasta expert. I’m actually part Scottish but have […]

Stirring with Emotion

Stirring with emotion is a blog that I created to describe the rollercoaster ride of emotional highs and lows that can occur in the kitchen. You see I am a self teaching home cook. I don’t consider myself as “taught” because I’m always learning new things. My goal is to […]

Mood Ring Kitchen

Hi everyone. Welcome to my new website the Mood Ring Kitchen! Cooking can be therapeutic and a good way to blow off steam. It can help to channel creativity, inspiration and pleasure. Cooking forces you to be mindful and engage all of the senses. You can put on your apron […]