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My favorite cookies

Out of all the cookie recipes in the land, I must say I enjoy making peanut butter cookies the most. I absolutely love the smell, texture, the memories…ahh…yum! 🥰🍪😵‍💫 Ok, I’m back.🙋‍♀️ I’ve tried making peanut butter cookies various ways to include traditional, gluten free, with chocolate chips, etc. and they […]

Homemade gummy snacks

Are you a parent who likes to find creative ways to feed your kiddos? Well then this post is for you! The idea was brought to me by my enterprising sister. She is an excellent cook and homemaker. Her name is Emily but I affectionately refer to her as Martha […]

Sacrificing food for Lent

Lent season is upon us. I personally find beauty in the annual ritual of selecting and making a sacrifice for a higher power. For me, it’s a time to reflect on my daily choices and give back some form of tiding for the blessings that I receive. This practice typically […]

Breaking Bad cookie binge

Lately, I’ve been trying to avoid the 5 C’s: chips, cookies, candy, cake, and cola. I pledged to cut down on overly processed food. My Fitbit was very proud of me for two whole days. Then I backslid. It all started with chili. The saltines that I had were stale […]

Bacon cheddar meatloaf

My post today is about Jay’s famous meatloaf. This has special significance because it represents the first Thanksgiving that my now husband/then boyfriend and I spent together. We stayed with his Mom for several days and her friend Jay would come over and cook dinner most of those nights. He truly enjoyed […]