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Crescent Roll Party

I was in the mood to party and since I’m currently a stay at home mom with a two year old, that usually entails food.🥳🍕🥟 I’ve been toying around with the idea of making sweet and savory empanadas. I’m not ambitious enough to make my own dough so enlisted a trusty can of crescent rolls. I had some leftover pineapple and a block of cheese so decided to do pineapple and cheddar as a riff on the famed southern casserole. This would be the appetizer. For savory, I used leftover taco ingredients from dinner last evening. I selected sliced peaches for the dessert version because I love peach pie.❤️🥧😋 Continue reading to see the results.🤞

Taco rolls: These were delicious! I probably overfilled them and they certainly aren’t winning any beauty contests. However, they were very flavorful and a wonderful vehicle to jazz up leftover taco components. They were also perfect for lunch. The seasoned meat, sweet corn, melted cheese and citrus salsa were all excellent party companions. These are a repeat!👍

First, I warmed up the meat and corn in the microwave. Then, I placed a spoonful of each at the larger end of the roll. I added a sprinkling of cheese, a dollop of salsa and simply rolled it all up. 

Pineapple cheddar rolls: These probably aren’t for everyone but were right up my alley. If you like pineapple pizza you will like these. In fact, a little marinara would have made these really sing!💡🎶 I loved the sharp cheddar combined with the sweet, tangy pineapple. The best part was the melted cheddar disk that formed around it after a little bit of cheese oozed out during the baking process. These are repeats but I think that I may pizzafy them next time. 👍➕🍕

I finely cubed a few slices of cheddar and placed that with some pineapple tidbits at the wider end of the roll and sealed it up. 

Peach rolls: These were the most attractive but perhaps a little bland. In hindsight, I could have finessed the peaches more by cooking them down with a little butter and cinnamon. I also should have brushed the tops with melted butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. They were ok if you want a quick sweet but ultimately needed a little something more. Whipped cream would have been a good topper….🤔

First, I diced a few sliced peaches and mixed that with about a teaspoon each of sugar and brown sugar. I placed the peaches at the bigger end of the crescent roll and simply folded it over. I finished by sprinkling a little sugar on the top of each one. 

I baked all of the rolls together in a 375 degree oven for 11 minutes. 

In summary, a single can of crescent rolls went a very long way in providing this mom with some much needed food entertainment. The tacos shined, the pineapple cheddar pleased the senses while the peach could have used a little more work. Also, my experiment showed that appearances matter far less than what is on the inside.🤗 

I can’t wait to experiment with more fillings. In fact, I may just have to keep a can on hand for all of the future crescent roll parties that I plan to host.🎊 Thanks so much for reading. Stay calm and cook on!✌️💜🍴

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