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Easy Fajita Bowls

You can create so many meals with fajita mix! I enjoy making traditional fajitas with soft tortillas. I also love it on nachos. Lately though, I’ve been playing around with starches. 🍚🍜🍲 

First, let’s start with the rice bowl. I like to use the rice in a bag because it is very reliable and I don’t have the best track record when it comes to rice. In fact, one of my pots still has tiny rice indentions on the bottom from sticking.🤫 Anyway, I get the rice going and start on my veggies. I cut up both a small onion and bell pepper into long strips. I sauté that in a little olive oil and S & P. I like to get the veggies slightly caramelized and then set them aside.

Now, I’m ready to prepare the meat. I prefer steak as my protein. It’s super convenient when my local grocery store has the strips already cut up and waiting for me.🤗 Otherwise, I would buy a sirloin or New York strip and slice it real thin. For seasoning, I’ve typically used a dry fajita packet or a sauce pouch. Both were good, but I’ve achieved the best results with Montreal steak seasoning. It gives the meat a zesty flavor which is perfect for fajitas. 

So, I brown the steak in the same pan that I used for the veggies. I generously sprinkle the strips with Montreal seasoning. I usually cook the steak in two batches so as not to overcrowd my pan. When done, I combine the meat with the veggies. Now I just assemble the components I want to serve it with and Voila: dinner is served. 🍽

Do you want to know the best part about making fajitas? Leftovers!😋 Aren’t they pretty? The sky is the limit here. I often like to experiment for lunch. At first, I considered a fajita panini or grilled cheese. That would make it kind of like a Philly steak sandwich. 

However, I was kind of craving noodles. I busted out a pack of chili ramen and prepared it in the microwave. Beef would work well too. After my noodles were done, I heated up the fajita mix and simply added it on top. It was spicy and delicious! 🌶🤤👍 Give it a try and holler back on your thoughts. 💭 

Thanks for reading. I love to share easy recipes that are big in flavor and light on the pocketbook. Stay calm and cook on! 💜✌️🍴

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I’m a self teaching home cook and aspiring foodie entrepreneur. I enjoy coming up with creative ways to prepare flavorful food such as snacks, desserts and everything in between. Cooking is a way for me to challenge myself and satisfy curiosities about different ingredients.

The hope is to produce something thoughtful, memorable or every once in a while maybe even wonderful. I enjoy following my “gut” and exploring new recipes that can be comforting, exciting and nourishing. Above all else, I enjoy exploring the emotions surrounding food and writing about those experiences. 😝👩‍🍳👩‍💻

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