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Chicken Veggie Casserole

This is a spin on your traditional chicken casserole to incorporate more texture and flavor.  It’s also perfect for an easy, one dish meal to feed the family during a busy week. 

First, I assembled the ingredients. Then, I boiled two large chicken breasts. I drained and chopped the chicken into small pieces. I added that to a large bowl with about a cup of sour cream and a can of cream of chicken soup. You can play with the portions but I like mine  to be really creamy. My daughter helped me to stir and season everything with salt and pepper. 

Next, I prepared a steamer bag of mixed vegetables and we added that to the mix. We also crushed up a sleeve of veggie crackers for the bottom layer. Harper liked counting the crackers and sampling them. Crushing was also super fun but a bit messy. 🤪🧹 

We spread the crackers on the bottom of a 9 x 13 casserole dish and distributed the chicken and vegetable mixture evenly over the top. Then we crushed up an additional sleeve of crackers into a small bowl and added about a tablespoon of melted butter to it. We mixed that around until all of the crumbs were coated and proceeded to sprinkle them on top. 

Once assembled, I covered the dish with aluminum foil and baked it for 20 minutes on 350 degrees. I took it out of the oven and removed the foil. I placed it back into the oven and baked it for about ten more minutes until the crackers had slightly browned and the casserole was bubbling. 

The results were yummy.😋 There was plenty of contrasting texture between the crackers, veggies and creamy chicken. You could really smell and taste the vegetable seasoned crackers which added more flavor and variety to what can be a sometimes bland dish. Preparing casserole is also a fun process for kids. Harper thoroughly enjoyed all of her assignments. 👧👩‍🍳😋

How do you like to make chicken casserole? I’m always open to trying new ingredients. Thanks for reading. 💜✌️🍴

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I’m a self teaching home cook and aspiring foodie entrepreneur. I enjoy coming up with creative ways to prepare flavorful food such as snacks, desserts and everything in between. Cooking is a way for me to challenge myself and satisfy curiosities about different ingredients.

The hope is to produce something thoughtful, memorable or every once in a while maybe even wonderful. I enjoy following my “gut” and exploring new recipes that can be comforting, exciting and nourishing. Above all else, I enjoy exploring the emotions surrounding food and writing about those experiences. 😝👩‍🍳👩‍💻

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