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Cornbread Salad: A comeback story

Raise your hand if you have ever heard of cornbread salad?🙋‍♀️ My local grocery store deli makes it. I probably would not have tried it but my mother in law brought some over one day and after taking a very skeptical bite…I fell in love.💞 It’s just so fun with […]

Stir Crazy Bread

I was making tortellini last night and craved some garlic bread to go with it. Gone are the days when you just dash in the store for a random item (at least for now). So you make do. Every day. However, it is up to you to decide if you will […]

Homemade gummy snacks

Are you a parent who likes to find creative ways to feed your kiddos? Well then this post is for you! The idea was brought to me by my enterprising sister. She is an excellent cook and homemaker. Her name is Emily but I affectionately refer to her as Martha […]

Going to a restaurant is a time honored dating tradition. It’s also a testing ground with a lot of pressure and decision making. You want to look your best and can spend hours fussing over your hair and outfit.💇‍♂️👔👱‍♀️👠Should the suitor choose somewhere really nice so as not to be […]

My Foodie Roadmap

If I had a sudden influx of cash, I would rent an RV and hit the road in pursuit of delicious food destinations around the US. 💸🚃🗺 I would pack up my toddler, pup and mother in law as fellow foodie companions. Buffalo bleu cheese combos and bold Chex mix will […]