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Stir Crazy Bread

I was making tortellini last night and craved some garlic bread to go with it. Gone are the days when you just dash in the store for a random item (at least for now). So you make do. Every day. However, it is up to you to decide if you will […]


Is there anybody out there?👀 How is everyone in the blogosphere doing in this period of social distancing? We’re ok over here in the mood ring kitchen. Just a little bored. However, boredom can often lead to creativity.  My cooking style could be described as “use what you got” which […]

Kitchen Experiments

Trying new recipes is my biggest passion when it comes to cooking. I have certain go to meals that my family enjoys which makes me very happy. However, I like to change it up and challenge myself. My experiments in the kitchen may not always work out but that is […]

Andouille Pasta Bake

I have a secret to share (I’ve been cheating on Pinterest with Instagram).🤫I’ve been a hardcore Pinterest devotee for years, however I find myself spending less time on there since joining “the gram.” I still refer to Pinterest often for recipes and guidance but have simply shifted my actual food […]

Cooking and feeling

I often experience a range of emotions in the kitchen. This is why I’m so passionate about cooking. It helps me to process, cope, overcome challenges and express myself. It allows me to grow as both a home cook and as a person. I thought it might be fun to […]

Working & Lunching

As many are settling back into a work routine in the new year, I thought I would highlight some of my lunchtime greatest hits. These are simple ideas with minimal ingredients that can often be reincorporated the next day. Oftentimes, people may not have extra time or money to go […]

Mimi’s Brunswick Stew

My mother in law is an instinctual cook. She relies on taste and a little bit of this and that until she somehow knows that the dish is just right. We both love Brunswick stew and often buy it from the hot deli selections of the local market. However, she […]

Feel better food

Whether you’re feeling under the weather or temperatures have plummeted outside, there are certain foods that the body just needs or craves. Lately, for me it’s been soup and casseroles. My little family has been sick for almost two weeks. We’re on the mend now but it’s been a long […]

Strange foods from the South

Being from the South, you grow up eating things at your home and family functions without question. However, as you grow older you start to notice that not everyone appreciates certain foods from the South. People from other regions are often puzzled by our distinctive cuisine. There are too many […]